Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Observations On Sleeping

Queen beds are wonderful to sleep in, particularly when one has a husband to snuggle with. Over the couple of months we have been married, Graham and I have experienced how nice it is to fall asleep in the others' arms.

Of course, it is summer now, and here in Perth it is very hot. 40 degrees or more during the day, and not very much less at night, combined with no air-conditioning in our little bedroom, makes sleep difficult. I go to bed at a reasonable time and attempt to sleep, but often after Graham has drowsed off, I am forced to get up and wait until the temperature has descended to an acceptable level.

The problem is, when I return, Graham has usually rolled into the middle of the bed. And his default position to sleep in is usually "The Starfish".

Like this:

And I have to push hard to get him to roll over.

Graham tells me, however, that I am not blameless in my sleeping habits. Apparently I am greedy when it comes to the blankets and pillows, and Graham has often woken in the middle of night to find me wrapped in all the blankets, and using all the pillows. I wrap myself so tight, it is near impossible for him to get anything back, and thus he has often been forced to sleep in the cold.

But once we have both fallen asleep, Graham has one more trick that has startled me several times.

I lie, asleep, or very drowsy, when Graham rolls over, grabs my shoulder and whispers urgently:

"It's ok! I have enough gold for the two of us!" 

- before he promptly rolls back over and starts to snore. I try to wake him and ask what he was talking about, but even when he wakes, he has no idea what he said. Eventually I work out that we had been playing a computer game together, one which involved earning money in order to buy soldiers, and Graham had been careful to share his good fortune so that I could have as strong an army as he. Obviously he had been so focused, he was still playing in his sleep!

I have never experienced sleep-talking before (although I think one of my brothers tried to sleep-walk out of his upper-bunk-bed once!), and now I find it very funny. I only wish I was awake to hear what Graham says more often.

I might go to sleep now, as I think the temperature is dropping. Time to wrestle some space off my husband!


  1. Did you draw the picture yourself? they're so funny. And probably very true to life too. I assume your blanket wrapping habit came from when you lived here and it was so cold.

    I'm surprised you never experienced the sleep talking before. I sleep talk all the time. Charlotte does too actually. Sometimes, when I'm lying awake at night, I hear her say weird things too.

    1. Hi Imogen! Yes, those are my illustrations.

      I can't actually remember hearing anyone sleep-talk before I heard Graham. Maybe it was such a shock to me because Graham went to all the effort of turning over and waking me up before he talked in his sleep!